Tune It Up

Online Tracking & Fleet Managment System

Wherever Your Car Is .... Track Your Vehicle Online


Choose Your Sensor

Hardware Sensors:

Emergency Button: send massage or email in case of critical situations.

Immobilizer : to control the relay to stop the vehicle remotely.

RFID Reader: install for each vehicle to read the RFID Tag for each driver.

Magnetic Door Sensor

Temperature sensor

Software features:

Track your Vehicle & identify its location.

Export your data as (Excel, PDF and screen web type).

A rechargeable battery-to be used in the occasion of a cut off in the main power.

Offline internal storage in case no GSM coverage.

Transmitting offline messages once the GSM connection is re-established.

Notifications on screen as a pop up preview.

User can send each violation and event by email or SMS.

Driver should be able to trigger sending emergency notification in case of an emergency.

Only identify driver who can access cars.

User can assign a driver to specific vehicle.

Portal should have several map layers as options.

Portal should have ESRI map layer for additional detailed information on map.

Portal should have the option to register company specific locations.

Portal should have the option to define up to 20 Geo Fences.

Portal should have the option to define Points of Interests.

Portal should have the option to define company Routes and re animation it.

System should allow for organization of vehicles in groups.

System should allow for programming the device remotely.

System Should allow the definition of multiple users.

System Should have multiple responsibilities to be assigned for different roles.

User should be audibly warned when an incoming notification/violation happen.

System should work in English or Arabic Language and 5 extra languages.